Developing High Quality
Affordable New Drugs

By applying translational sciences,
we focus on maximizing the value of novel drugs in early development

Our Pipelines

BRIM’s lead technology platform is a synthetic short peptide derived from Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF-Derived Short Peptide, PDSP). This platform possesses neurotrophic activities to enhance cell proliferation in wound healing and tissue regeneration. It is a multifunctional secreted protein that has anti-angiogenic, anti-tumorigenic, and neurotrophic functions. In 2015, BRIM was granted an exclusive, worldwide license for developing PDSP in all therapeutic indications including dry eye syndrome, corneal wound healing, diabetic ulcer wound healing, osteoarthritis, androgenic alopecia, and muscle/tendon regeneration.

Our product BRM421 for DES has demonstrated safety and efficacy in two clinical studies. BRIM is devoted to the development of other indications including BRM423 for severe corneal damage, and BRM521 for Osteoarthritis.

「Outstanding Fundraising Award」

The Taipei Prominent Enterprise Awards were designed to recognize and encourage outstanding enterprise achievements in innovation, competitiveness, market power, influence on the overall industry, economy and society, and impact on social responsibility.

Prominent Enterprise Awards




「Outstanding Potential Award」
Drug/Cell Therapeutic Area

BRIM’s professional expertise in translational sciences, virtual business model, and ability to develop new drugs were recognized by this award as one of the five most outstanding potential biotech companies.

Taiwan BIO Awards

Taipei Biotech Awards

「Innovative Technology Award – First Prize」

The Taipei Biotech Awards encourage further investment in the field of biotech research and development. BRIM’s PDSP technology platform was the first prize winner of the “Innovative Technology Award.”

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