Corporate Governance


The Audit Committee

According to the “Organization Regulations of the Audit Committee”, the committee is composed of all independent directors, and its main purpose is to supervise the following matters:

  1. Fair representation of the Company’s financial statements.
  2. Selection (dismissal), independence, and performance of certified accountants.
  3. Effective implementation of the Company’s internal control.
  4. The Company follows relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Management and control of existing or potential risks of the Company.

Remuneration Committee

According to the “Organization Regulations of the Remuneration Committee”, the committee is currently composed of all Independent Directors. The Committee shall, with the attention of good managers, faithfully perform the following functions and powers, and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors for discussion:

  1. Regularly review the regulations and make suggestions for amendments.
  2. Formulate and regularly review the performance evaluation standards, annual and long-term performance goals, and remuneration policies, systems, standards, and structures of the Company’s Directors and managers, and disclose the content of the performance evaluation standards in the annual report.
  3. Regularly evaluate the achievement of the performance objectives of the directors and managers of the Company and determine the content and amount of their individual salaries based on the evaluation results obtained from the performance evaluation standards. The annual report shall disclose the individual performance evaluation results of directors and managers, and the relevance and rationality of the content and number of individual salaries and performance evaluation results for reporting at the shareholders’ meeting.