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What makes BRIM
Biotechnology different?

Harnessing the body’s own regenerative power to treat the cause of disease.

BRIM Biotechnology (TPEx 6885) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company led by global pharma experts, using translational science to develop novel regenerative peptide treatments for hard-to-treat conditions in the areas of ophthalmology, osteoarthritis, and rare diseases. BRIM’s regenerative peptides treat disease from the inside out by stimulating the body’s own stem cells to repair tissues damaged by disease. 

Our successful track record of translating discovery research to the clinic enables us to identify and incubate high-potential, novel drug candidates through our unique drug development engine to deliver partner-ready, clinical assets faster. By working with the latest developments in AI, we are expanding and accelerating the potential of regenerative peptides to treat new disease targets. 

The company was founded in 2013 by a team of entrepreneurial global pharma experts. Since its inception, BRIM has become one of Taiwan’s leading biotechnology companies with a market cap in excess of TWD $7B. Over the next 5 years, BRIM is set to become a world leader in innovative treatments for ophthalmology, osteoarthritis, and rare diseases. 

BRIM is driven by its mission to inspire and nurture the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs and innovators to bring sustainable and affordable healthcare to everyone.

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