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BRM424 for Neurotrophic Keratitis(NK)

About Neurotrophic Keratitis(NK)

NK is a rare, degenerative disease characterised by corneal sensitivity reduction, spontaneous epithelium breakdown, and impairment of corneal healing. Currently, there is only one drug, Oxervate (Cenegermin), approved by the US FDA and EMA in 2018.

Developing Novel Treatments for NK

Pre-clinical studies demonstrate that BRM424 stimulates proliferation and differentiation of corneal limbal stem cells to effectively regenerate healthy limbus after extensive limbal layer removal and to speed up the cornea repair process.

This direct activation of limbal stem cells can lead to fast and effective corneal healing. The same peptide has shown an excellent safety profile and early onset efficacy results for BRIM’s lead product, BRM421, in Dry Eye Syndrome, which is expected to enter Phase 3 trials in 2022.