Awards - BRIM Biotechnology, Inc.


BRIM’s outstanding research development and business model received three major national awards in Taiwan during 2019 to 2020: 1) 2019 Prominent Enterprise Outstanding Fundraising Award, 2) 2020 Taipei Biotech Awards First Prize in Innovative Technology, and 3) 2020 Taiwan BIO Outstanding Potential Award in drug/cell therapeutic area.  These awards are beneficial supplements for the IPO process in Taiwan, especially for the application of the Letter of Opinion by MOEA on Technology-based Enterprise.

Prominent Enterprise Awards
「Outstanding Fundraising Award」

The Taipei Prominent Enterprise Awards were designed to recognize and encourage outstanding enterprise achievements in innovation, competitiveness, market power, influence on the overall industry, economy and society, and impact on social responsibility.

Taiwan BIO Awards
「Outstanding Potential Award」Drug/Cell Therapeutic Area

BRIM’s professional expertise in translational sciences, virtual business model, and ability to develop new drugs were recognized by this award as one of the five most outstanding potential biotech companies.

Taipei Biotech Awards
「Innovative Technology Award – First Prize」

The Taipei Biotech Awards encourage further investment in the field of biotech research and development. BRIM’s PDSP technology platform was the first prize winner of the “Innovative Technology Award.”

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