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About BRIM

BRIM Biotechnology applies integrated and efficient translational science to develop new treatments that help combat and cure disease.The company was founded in August 2013 in Taiwan by a team of  seasoned, entrepreneurial global pharma experts. We believe medicines with the potential to cure disease, or significantly improve patient lives, should be affordable to health systems and accessible to patients world-wide.

Our Expertise

BRIM’s extensive experience and successful track record of translating discovery research to the clinic enables us to identify and incubate high-potential novel drug candidates through our unique drug development engine to deliver partner-ready clinical assets. Our core competencies include: 

  • Identifying high-potential technology
  • Incubating promising discoveries
  • Integrating diverse expertise
  •  Innovating disease-modifying treatments
  • Inspiring entrepreneurial talent  
  • Implementing efficient translational science

Our Portfolio

In the past 7 years, we have licensed-in three technology platforms and founded our first subsidiary company, Ascendo Biotechnology.


To advance promising discoveries into disease-modifying treatments that transform patients’ lives.


To inspire and nurture the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs to bring sustainable and affordable healthcare innovation to the world.





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